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A format, we have invented!

We think, the real potential in visiting the Silicon Valley lies in conversations with some of the most inspiring people in the world – people who live and work in the Silicon Valley, being part of a relevant conversation, shaping or maybe even igniting it.

Most of the people you will visit, during the program, are renowned Speakers on some of the most vibrant stages of the world, such as TED, TEDx, Singularity University, Stanford College, Berkeley, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and more. 

We will meet them in a setting of exchange and conversation. And from that conversation on, they will be part of your personal network to the Silicon Valley. That is how we understand turning potential into impact.


Meet The Team

Co-Founded by Mario Herger and Niki Ernst in late 2012, the team of hosts has grown to a mix of Silicon Valley Veterans and Silicon Valley transplants from all over the world. We all share one mission: Change the life of 10 people, every month. How we do it? Easy: we listen to our participants and help them understand what all these impression can mean for them and how the Lifestyle and Mindset of the Silicon Valley can be translated into each individual life. 

Want to learn more? Inbox us, we love what we do and enjoy, getting you excited about your own future. 


Co-Founder, Curator, Host

I'm an impact driven person. I like good and fast answers to solve a problem, learn, listen, pivot, move on. In a nomads like life, I commute between Vienna and San Francisco and the rest of the world where I help the best speakers in the world shaping their public speaking skills. You can talk with me about everything but boredom, this is a feeling I cannot recall. I am father of three amazing young humans and live with the most adorable woman on earth. Looking forward to meeting you!

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Mentor, retired Co-Founder

Silicon Valley has been my home for 15 years, not only as place to live but a mindset to aspire to. Whenever I return to Europe
I notice the many little things that made my home continent great, but also prevent itself from reaching the next level.  
As someone who has undergone the transformation from skeptical know-better to a more optimistic and curious Foresight Thinker, I am happy to introduce you to different options you might take. Are you ready for this? Might be challenging,  but usually its always big fun!

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Program Coordination

I've always been trying to interact with a lot
of people, as exposure and interaction is a surefire way to learn and grow.

And throughout this experience, I've noticed one thing: everyone has ideas. But what's often missing for the ideas to grow and reach their full potential is the right tools. A mediocre idea with great execution beats a great idea with mediocre execution any time. So, my aim is to help you get the right tools for your idea to reach its full potential. 
Looking forward to enabling you to succeed!

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Fraulein Social

I sense that people have totally lost
their "Gspür" for setting priorities. Nervously rushing around like rabbits chasing the carrot. Psyched about all the good new things without considering to be real good at what they can and be, already.

I'm a Viennese Santa Monican,
or a Santa Monican Viennese hence I know a lot about the sense - the "Gspür"
for pacing and synchronizing excitement with depth and the important things.

Bridging worlds and cultures is what
makes life so exciting.
Hi there, I am Fraulein Social.

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Outpost Go-To

Solve et Coagula - Coagulate and dissolve – bringing the most unlikely elements together and taking the unexpected apart – the motto of the Alchemists has always been my guide. Linguistics, the Austrian National Library and the French Film Archive, CD-ROM and Multimedia, AI and Ars Memorativa. Electronic Books in Santa Monica, and multiple Startups in the Silicon Valley. Mentoring, Life and Leadership Coaching around the world. Practicing Zen and sailing and raising my daughter. Amazing the insights you gain when comparing old and new. And it helps when you’ve seen a few things over the years.

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3201 23rd Street

94110 San Francisco

California – USA

IACy e.U.

Stockwiesenweg 14

1170 Wien


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