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The typical association with the Silicon Valley is: Home and Headquarters of famous companies of a new generation, such as Apple, facebook, Google, UBER, AirBnB, twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce,...and many others. People are curious to understand more about these companies - a great business for many tour-organisations: in groups of 40+ you will spend a week in a bus, going from one campus to another, learning about Micro-Kitchens, Bicycles, Arcades and some greatness numbers-games.

We understand that it is exciting to visit these places and some of them are also always part of our program, but we have a strong belief that none of these will teach you anything about your future potential, or the potential future of your company.

But Silicon Valley is not the only place for innovation. From New York to Mumbai, innovation hotbeds are propping up. Emulating the master and surpassing it in many aspects, there is a lot to learn from them.

This is why we have expanded our renowned program and taken it globally. Now you can transplant yourself into Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, New York, London, Hong Kong, Dubai or Mumbai and learn from the innovators, see the most advanced tech and gain knowledge necessary to invent the future you want to see. 


Our program is fully tailor-made to the participants. Before we meet for your flight into innovation, all the participants are invited to participate in a group call to share their backgrounds. With this information, the curator decides, which personality in our destination would make the best conversation, and we will meet up to five of them, every day.


In Addition, our groups are always very small but never more than 10 participants in one flight. If you come to us, you did not come for zoo-visiting and taking pictures at famous sights. (Although we'll give you a few photo-ops for sure).  If you come to us, you are investing a week of your time, flights, hotel and of course the program ticket to learn, to grow, to build your own network in the innovation world. and to return home with a backpack, full of fresh thinking and new ideas.


Every participant will receive a certificate of being an exponential thinker with the mindset of writing a future success-story.

Join us now and take reign of your future!

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