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The Campus Tour is perfect if you want to put your toes into the Silicon Valley, if you want to understand the Silicon Valley Mindset, learn the Silicon Valley Innovation Thought Process and visit some of the most exciting companies in the world.

You will have 3-4 meetings, conversations, workshops & site visits per day to get a better understanding about the way, companies in the Silicon Valley are innovative and what you can learn and adapt for your organisation.

We will talk about the future of education, the future of retail, get updates on technology (AR/VR/XR, IoT, AI, Robotics), have dive deep sessions on Exponential Growth Strategies and the Art of Storytelling and Design Thinking 3.0.

Like any other program in the SIlicon Valley Inspiration Tours lineup, the Campus Tour will be taylormade to the participants: you will meet people, we think you should have a conversation with - to get a clear vision of the future of your industry.

Big Players

Method & Insight


Culture & Mindset

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