The way we produce and consume energy today, will not work for a) 10 Billion people and b) the transformation from fossile fuels to electricity as a main source for energy and mobility in the near future. Predictions agree that nuclear, wind and solar will be the driving sources to feed into our grids, but how well can the grids withstand the high demand? What will the impact of distributed and intependant production of energy mean for grids and utilities. So many questions. Come to find out some highly inspiring possible scenarios.

What do Exponential Growth Strategies, the skills of social intelligence and the Art of Storytelling have in common? - They are the foundation of big players, that will still be in business, 5 years from today.

Are you a linear- or rather an exponential organization? Are you trapped in digital transformations and still measuring success on products that scale? 

Our curator is curious about these questions. You might even want to hop on a call with him, to talk about your hopes, desires, worries and what this experience can do for your personal and professional development. 

We are passionate about helping you think about your future and not be sad at the same time. 



Or just sign up right away, and enjoy an inspiring week of up to 5 Activities per day, including meetings, flipped conference format (entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, managers, founders), workshops (exponential growth strategies, design thinking), site visits (Apple Park, Googleplex, ...)

Participation-fee (USD 3,000) covers:
Curation of the program, speaker fees/entry fees, and transportation during the tour program. 
Not covered:
Travel to/from SFO, accommodation in San Francisco, Food & Beverages during the Tour

Big Players

Method & Insight


Culture & Mindset


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