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In a nutshell: The Level Two Tour is an invitation to come with a problem on Monday morning and return with the solution on Friday.

Here is out bold promise: if we do not manage to connect you with the right people to give you confidence what needs to be done to
solve your problem, by the end of the program, we will refund the fee paid. Curious? Apply today.


A week to change the narrative

1) Apply

Lets stay serious: we cannot solve all the problems in the world. However, we have a fair understanding, where we can place this bet - to solve your problems. Apply today, we will get back to you within 24hrs

2) Your Tour

In a five day program, we will connect you with all the people you should have a conversation with -  to get a fresh perspective on your industry and your problem. These people will either give you new directions, insights, methodologies or might turn into the perfect partners you need to move on

3) Our bet

By the end of this program, you will return with the following set to get your problem solved:

- a new perspective on the potential of your endeavour or company

- a set of instantly implementable actions

- skills to educate your team into this activity (teach the teacher)

- your personal bridge/network to the Silicon Valley to collaborate with the right partner to solve your problem

- a personal roadmap to problem solving

If none of the above happens, we will refund 50% of your participation fee

We want you to be the best player 
in your industry. We want you to know how to exactly solve the key problems you are facing today, to become the most inspiring and successful player tomorrow.

Let us know about you.

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