Inspiration Tour #1

Aug 24th-28th 2014


The kick-off of a great new program. We toured the first 5 participants of our one-week program through the silicon valley and introduced them to the most exciting people, working environments and entrepreneurial culture in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Inspiration Tour #2

Nov 10th-14th 2014


Our second tour was a great next level to what we have offered in August. We had participants from Moldova, Siberia, Lithuania and Austria. Startups, Manager, Entrepreneurs and the indecisive who confirmed that this one week has changed their professional life.

Inspiration Tour #3

Jan 12th-16th 2015


Another wonderful mix of people, backgrounds and nationalities. In this tour we started implementing workshops like the public speaking lecture of the School of Talk and lectures at Stanford University. We visited the whole range from Venture Capitalists to Coworking Spaces and large scale companies.

Inspiration Tour #4

Mar 24th-28th 2015


The Silicon Valley Tours have reached corporate attention. With a lot of program preparation and maximum individualisation to gain both individual and corporate benefit. It was a great week with highly interesting and wonderful participants. It has profen that there is no limit of directions, the participants come from: from board member to startup – learning has no termination. And the Silicon Valley is a melting pot of people to learn from.

Inspiration Tour

#Food Innovation

August 19th-21st 2015


Not many industries face as much change as the food industry does. The so called Tech-Mekka Silicon Valley has so much more to offer than "just" tech. Visit the companies who will change the game, talk to the players and learn from their labs.

Inspiration Tour

#The one and only

May 11th-13th 2015


The first Tour with two major program aspects: a very intense three days program in San Francisco and the Peninsula and another 2 1/2 days of participating at the renowned and phantastic THE EG conference in Monterey...

Inspiration Tour #8

August 24th-28th 2015


This five day tour will bring us to companies such as Google, IDEO, and SAP, as well as Stanford, Autodesk Gallery, and the Computer History Museum. We will also participate in hands on workshops that will teach us Design Thinking and how to build a chain reaction machine. 

Inspiration Tour 


June 15th-17th 2015


A three days tour through the top of the pop in the Silicon Valley. Meet the big players and some exciting working environments. Return home with fresh inspiration and new ideas.

Inspiration Tour

#Energy Outlook

Nov 30th- Dec 4th 2015


What happens, when the Top Tier players of a whole industry visit the Silicon Valley for a week. Exactly: a lot of fun and a backpack full of new things, a whole country will be exposed to in the near future.

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